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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 2, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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declared in several areas as hurricane earl barrels toward the eastern seaboard. good morning. it's thursday, september 2. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning. let's get you out the door. we have a quick check of traffic and weather. it is already warm and it's only 5:00 a.m. so let's start with lawrence to see what we can expect today. lawrence, good morning. >> you thought it was hot yesterday? temperatures cranking up outside today to the triple digits in many spots inland by the afternoon. a lot of 80s and 90s inside the bay, even 70s at the coastline. but there is a sign of cooling on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in a couple of minutes. elizabeth? >> out to san rafael. if your commute is through this area, we have a pole and power line down right near the intersection of [ indiscernible ] west of the 101 freeway. chp trying to provide traffic control. southbound 101 through marin looks great towards the golden
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gate bridge. back to you. thank you. a killing spree may have have been prompted by jealousy. efren valdemoro is possibly linked to four murders, one of the victims his 46-year-old girlfriend, cindy tran, found dead in the car after a high- speed chase. he is suspect of killing a hercules man because he that the there was something romantic between tran and a victim or his son, who is still missing. the latest piece of evidence, this cadillac escalade that had been missing from a vallejo home. the car was found yesterday at a business park in hercules. the escalade park near the home where ricardo sales was beaten to death last week. his son frederick is the one that's still missing. police searched the area around the escalade for clues to his disappearance. the home where sales was killed was owned by cindy tran. anne makovec is in vallejo where explosive materials were
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found in the same house where two bodies were located. anne, good morning. reporter: good morning. the big question that remains here in vallejo this morning is who killed the two women who were found dead in that home on upland court. a lot of fingers point toward efren valdemoro, who is already thought to have killed at least two other people before he was shot by police on tuesday. plus, he spent time living in the house where the bodies were found and was known to have loud arguments with one of the women, rita allen, who also lived in that same house. she and her friend carol smart were found dead there on tuesday. but police have not ruled out allen's husband, who lived in the house as well, and apparently lived there for several days with the decomposing bodies. one in a bedroom, the other in a shallow grave in the backyard. his name is charles rittenhouse, 72 years old. he told police his wife was missing on sunday, two days after she was last seen. police then followed up at their home and found those bodies.
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>> when he was confronted with the fact that bodies were located in his residence and that we believe he may have been involved, he did not react in the way we feel a normal person would react. >> reporter: so they arrested him but not for murder; for possessing explosive devices after bomb-making materials were found in the house. dynamite, c-4 and uranium, a radioactive chemical used in dirty bombs or armor-piercing ammunition. those materials were found in both a storage locker he rented as well as in the house. so there's a couple of big questions here in vallejo. what exactly was all that material all about? we do know that he was involved with chemical science. some of it may have been used for his job. but we're talking about some serious materials. and then again, who killed these women? sydnie. >> anne, what an incredibly
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complicated story. how many police departments are involved? >> reporter: several. the chp and federal agencies including the atf. >> anne, thank you. anne makovec in vallejo. find much more of this story including unedited video from each crime scene. it's all on our website, oakland's police chief disagrees with the police officer's union on the impact of recent police layoffs. 80 officers laid off in july. last week union officials said crime in oakland has increased 8.5% since then. but police chief anthony batts is not connecting that increase with the layoffs. he says crime usually goes up in the summer and says that violent crime is actually down in oakland. coastal carolina just hours away from feeling effects of hurricane earl. the storm is expected to get close to the region tonight. it's back up to a category 4,
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winds are swirling at about 145 miles an hour. winds, waves off north carolina's outer banks have picked up steam the past couple of days. most tourists have cut short their vacation and evacuated the islands, but party residents -- hearty residents insist on staying preferring to board up homes and businesses to ride it occupy. experts say that's not wise because of the storm's uncertainty. >> that's why it's important to take the time now while the skies are still clear and the weather is great to make sure you have a plan and you're ready just in case. >> you never know what flying debris you are going to get. >> north carolina's national guard is deploying 80 members to help. president obama has already declared a state in the state and the governor's of virginia and maryland have also declared states of emergency. other atlantic coast states are preparing as well for potential effects from the storm. it is 5:05. it is going to be another warm
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one around here but it's also a "spare the air" day. let's look at day 2 of the mini heat wave. lawrence? >> kind of nice to have the heat around the bay area. haven't seen much of it all summer long. step out the door right now and those temperatures are already very mild to warm all around the bay area. we have numbers well into the 60s, inland under clear skies. clear as a bell inside the bay and even at the coast, no fog to speak of. that's a good sign that we're headed for another very warm day around the bay area. going to be hot in many spots again inland. probably going to top out about 103 degrees in some of the hottest spots. you get inside the bay, yeah, it's going to be on the warm to hot side, as well. mid-80s to mid-90s in some of the warmer areas. at the coast, head to the beach, probably one of the nicer beach days all summer long. 70s and even some low 80s as we head in toward the afternoon. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go out to livermore now. reports of gravel and rocks in the road. westbound 580 approaching north
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first street there is a lot of construction at westbound 580 so watch out for that. in the meantime, that is our only big problem spot. all the approaches to the bridges are fine. no delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay all across the upper deck. if you are traveling down the eastshore freeway, root now it is 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. as lawrence may have said it is a "spare the air" day. so you're encouraged to use mass transit and so far, everything is running on time. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, losing your house the heavy toll it can play on your health. >> and problems at one bay area park that neighbors have -- that have neighbors calling for a larger police presence. county suggests home ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. no sign of brake lights on 880 through oakland past the coliseum. coming up, we'll take a check of your south bay commute and mass transit. traffic in six minutes. >> we will see you then. it is 5:10. there is a new report from alameda county that suggests home foreclosures can cause health problems for the people involved. the county's public health department surveyed nearly 400 people in two oakland neighborhoods hit especially hard by the crisis. it found that people going through foreclosures and tenants living in foreclosed buildings have above average levels of stress and medical problems. in addition more than 30% said they put off medical care because of money concerns. thousands of hotel workers in three bay area cities planning to take their grievances to the streets this morning. those workers plan to protest to draw attention to stalled contract talks between hyatt and the workers union. protests are planned at hyatt hotels in san francisco,
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burlingame and santa clara. the union employees say the hyatt chain is slashing jobs and reducing hours while hyatt's owners are enjoying increased profits. people in one san francisco neighborhood are sounding off about some growing problems with a popular park. neighbors say that dolores park in the mission area gets too loud and crowded even during the week. they say more and more people are drink in the park and playing their loud music late at night and they want police to find a way to keep their neighborhood from getting trashed. >> every weekend, i have to bleach my steps because of the vomit and urine. >> and i'm having problems with people peeing in people's driveways. >> not going after prostitution, gangs and robberies to go after people drinking and smoking? that, to me, is ridiculous. >> the san francisco parks department says it takes as many as four gardeners up to five hours to clean the park monday mornings after a busy weekend. with our warm weather, it
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certainly is a nice day to hit the park. >> which leads us to our question of the day: what is your favorite park in the bay area? >> send your comments to we're also on facebook and twitter. it is 5:12. hot topics, smartmeter. the new report expected out in a few hours. >> and hot today but not for long. lawrence, explain that one. >> that's right. you have to enjoy the sunshine while we have it. much cooler weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,
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good morning. new accident reported in concord now. eastbound highway 4 approaching willow pass an injury crash, two left lanes are blocked. we'll flip around, so far not seeing any delay, it's going against the commute. if you are going westbound 4 out of antioch down the antioch bridge, so much no delay to traffic. in fact, speeds look good past a street around 62 miles per hour. we still have this traffic control in effect in san rafael at las colinas avenue and
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lascaux lynn das road. they have been out there since 3:00 a.m. pole and power lines down in the area. las colinas avenue is a popular street. you can see the power poles and lines down west of the 101 freeway. southbound 101 that still looks okay towards the waldo grade and the golden gate bridge. better news now in livermore westbound 580 at north first street gravel in the road is picked up so good to go towards the dublin interchange. and it's going to be hot. it's also a "spare the air" day. so you're encouraged to use mass transit. so far everything is on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. for the very latest traffic updates. that is your traffic. here's lawrence with your weather. >> do you like the seat in. >> yes, going to the beach. >> we haven't seen a whole lot of heat all summer but you get the idea already. it's going to be hot outside.
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temperatures mild to warm out there. up into the upper 60s in many spots inland even inside the bay, upper 60s as well, cool at the coast but a clear start to the day and looks like it will end that way, too. temperatures up to 103 inland. inside the bay still mid-80s, even some mid-90s in the warmest spots. and out toward the coastline, 70s and a couple of low 80s. it is going to be warm even out at the beaches. a great day to sneak out there because by tomorrow probably beach days will end. temperatures compared to average for this time of the year, usually the 80s in concord, today it looks like we are going to be running well above that by the afternoon, about 10 degrees above average, about 98 degrees. 11 degrees above average in santa rosa at 96. san jose you're looking at about 15 degrees above the average at 97. and san francisco, beautiful by the bay, looking at 16 degrees above the average at 86 degrees. so you get the idea. the temperatures cranking up under high pressure and that
5:18 am
offshore wind. numbers moving up as high as 96 in mountain view, 97 degrees in santa clara, 94 in fremont, about 92 in hayward, how about our friends out toward the beaches? looking good. 75 in half moon bay, 75 pacifica and 77 in daly city. east bay temperatures hot. we are talking triple digits in many spots. 100 degrees in antioch, 101 in brentwood, 102 in danville, 102 in san ramon and well, even about 103 degrees today as you look toward pleasanton. you get inside the bay still on the hot to warm side as you will see those temperatures in the 80s and the 90s. toward the north bay that offshore flow and the sinking winds going to crank the temperatures up to 95 in napa valley, 96 in santa rosa. now as early as tomorrow, we are going to notice some changes as it looks like low clouds and fog are going to start to sneak back in along the coastline, still hot inland, talking temperatures in the upper 90s in many spots in the interior valleys, but at the beaches, you notice
5:19 am
that fog moving in. then as we look toward the weekend those temperatures come down just a bit. then the extended forecast, well, guess what, folks, those numbers are really coming down, maybe to well below the average as we head in toward the middle of this week. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. it looks like we're going to cool things off all around the bay area. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. it is 5:19. got a look at some of the stories we're following for you this morning. vallejo police found uranium and materials for making explosives at a house where two women's bodies were located. those discoveries were part of the investigation into four murders and a missing person, all related to a man killed by police in richmond tuesday nice. a gunman who held three people hostage at the discovery channel's headquarters in maryland had previous battles with the network. james lee was charged with disorderly conduct for staging a protest against discovery in 2008. and on lee's website, he criticized the network's programming. yesterday police shot and killed lee, who was also armed
5:20 am
with explosives. hurricane earl is expected to pelt coastal carolina with powerful wind and big waves tonight. that storm not expected to make a direct hit on north carolina's outerbanks. but with winds of about 145 miles an hour, it should have a big impact. president obama has already declared an emergency for the tarheel state. we have been telling you for months about the home owners who say they have been hit with huge electric bills after they switched to smartmeters. well, today an independent auditor will be weighing in. a company called structure group has been checking the meters. dozens of people have blamed the meters for higher than average bills. some bay area cities have passed resolutions against the meet. a report on the meters and pg&e's billing system will be presented this morning at a meeting. abercrombie & fitch facing a federal discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of a muslim bay area teen who says she was refused a job at the milpitas store in 2008 for wearing her religious head
5:21 am
scarf. she says the hiring manager said the scarf was not the abercrombie look. yesterday, federal attorneys said the clothing retailer's policy and conduct violate civil rights laws. the company, though, would not comment on the case. 5:21. paris hilton can't go to the winn hotel anymore. >> was she a bad girl? >> also ahead, drama on the tennis court at the u.s. open and it has nothing to do with a win or loss. eight ban on same- sex ,,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime.
5:24 am
but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results all right, folks. get ready. heat getting cranked up all around the bay area today. offshore winds bringing those temperatures up into the upper 90s much of the south bay even some triple digits inland. we'll let you know when we expect to cool things off coming up. >> thank you, lawrence. it is 5:24.
5:25 am
welcome back, everyone. governor schwarzenegger being asked to defend the proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage in california. 27 members of the assembly's republican caucus wrote to the governor this week and they told him it's his job to defend the rights of voters who approve prop 8 nearly two years ago. a federal judge recently rejected prop 8. and the governor and the attorney general jerry brown have both said they agree with that ruling and they will not appeal it. okay, drama time. paris hilton is going to have to find a new place to hang out in las vegas. >> no trouble doing that. a number of hotels that will probably let her in. the hotel heiress has been banned from two wynn resorts following her arrest on suspicion of drug possession. >> hilton and her boyfriend you may remember arrested friday night in las vegas when a police officer says he smelled marijuana wafting from their car. the officer stopped them and police say that when hilton pulled a tube of lip balm from her purse, a packet of cocaine
5:26 am
fell out. >> but -- but -- but -- that's not my cocaine. this isn't even my purse! >> that's what she says. hilton's boyfriend arrested on [ indiscernible ] [overlapping speakers] and has been fired from his job as managing partner of two hotel nightclubs. tennis' number 10 in the world is now out of the u.s. open after a scare on the court. she collapsed yesterday during mid game. >> it was 21-year-old victoria azarenka from belarus. take a look. >> oh. >> collapsing during the first set of her second round match. medical crews had to transport her off the court in a wheelchair. heat exhaustion was initially blamed but it later came out that she suffered a mild concussion after falling in the gym earlier in the day. it's 5:26. coming up in the next half hour, why some ads supporting jerry brown for governor are being suspended. we know that she shipped jobs overseas.
5:27 am
>> she is for more taxes. >> the first debate in a hotly contested senate race. the issues that sparked the verbal sparring. and a discovery of the radioactive materials used in dirty bombs plus two dead bodies. we'll talk about the big part of this east bay mystery near vallejo coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, the 2nd of september. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm john kessler. our view high atop world headquarters of cbs 5. we have another warm day ahead of us, triple-digit temperatures coming up. we'll have traffic and weather coming up. in the news this morning, a jealous rage could be the motorrive for an east bay killing spree. efren valdemoro is possibly linked to four murders. one of his victims, 46-year-old girlfriend cindy tran. she was found dead in the car valdemoro crashed in richmond at the end of a high-speed chase. valdemoro is suspected of killing a hercules man because he thought the victim or the victim's missing son had a romantic relationship with tran. the latest piece of evidence, the cadillac escalate that's been missing from a vallejo home. that car found yesterday at a
5:31 am
business park in hercules. the escalate was parked near the home where ricardo sales was beaten to death last week. his son frederick is still missing. police searched the area around the escalade for clues to his disappearance. the home where sales was killed was owned by cindy tran. anne makovec is in vallejo, where police are dealing with dangerous items that were found at a murder scene. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. police have quite a case on their hands. a multifaceted case. of course, the most gruesome discovery that they made in a house here in vallejo yesterday, the discovery of two dead bodies. of course, efren valdemoro would be the prime suspects. he is already accused in at least two other murders. but there is one man that police have not let off the hook just yet, charles rittenhouse, the husband of one of the women found dead. he was arrested not for murder but for possessing explosive devices, massive amounts of chemicals that can be used to make bombs found in his home
5:32 am
with the two bodies and in a nearby storage locker as well, dynamite, c-4 and even uranium, the radioactive chemical used in dirty bombs or armor- piercing ammunition. he does work as a chemical scientist, but police are puzzled by the number and severity of materials he has. police say that rittenhouse also reacted bizarrely when they talked to him about the bodies found in his home. one, his wife, rita allen, and the other her friend, carol smart. he had apparently been living with the decomposing bodies one in a bedroom and the other in the backyard. but valdemoro lived in the house on and off as well and was known to have loud arguments with rita allen. >> she was like always screaming outside that door and she would scream and efren would tell her go inside, shut up and he would say don't mind
5:33 am
her, don't mind her. >> reporter: the neighbor thought valdemoro was kicked out of the house but would often drive past the house. he had a lot of strange stories about valdemoro, calling himself centered. he said he sometimes played basketball actually with valdemoro and that he would say that he was very bored in the area and talked a lot about the military, as well. >> thank you, anne makovec in vallejo. you can find much more of this story including unedited video fruits and vegetables each crime scene on our website, still no word on what caused the 30-acre grassfire that briefly threatened homes in american canyon. more than 100 firefighters tackled the fire before it got out of hand. fire broke out just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon west of interstate 80. even though several homes were threatened no one was told to evacuate. muni wants to restore some of the service that it cut back in may. but muni's operators are fighting the plan scheduled to take effect saturday. the "chronicle" reports the
5:34 am
operators union is accusing muni management of unfair labor practices. the union says management did not properly meet with the workers about schedule and staffing changes involved in restoring 61% of the of the service that was cut. it's 5:34. another hot day. lawrence is here to tell us how much -- how long this mini heat wave is going to last. good morning. >> good morning. kind of nice around the bay area. seeing a little heat every once in a while but maybe a little uncomfortable for some folks. some of the temperatures in the triple digits toward the afternoon. 103 degrees in pleasanton, 100 in antioch. even inside the bay, you are not going to be able to escape the heat. temperatures running in the 80s and the 90s in towards san jose as high as 97. out toward the coastline looks like a beautiful beach day, just see those temperatures running well into the 70s as we look toward the afternoon hours. but there is some fog lurking off the coastline. that's a sign of changes to come and it's not going to take long. it looks like overnight tonight, low clouds and fog will surge onshore. that will cool down the temperatures at least near the coastline for tomorrow but it's
5:35 am
going to start to drop. still staying hot inland. i think as we look toward the holiday weekend, those temperatures really begin to come down all around the bay area. and tell you what as we look toward the middle of next week, those temperatures well below the average for this time of year. let's check out traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. well, speaking of the heat, we have a traffic hotspot now. an injury accident was initially reported on eastbound highway 4 going against the commute. well, it's now in the westbound lanes of highway 4. that is confirmed by chp. and we are seeing some slowing as you approach willow pass. two cars are blocking the left lane. chp just got to the scene now and they are waiting for a tow truck to arrive. doug with the kcbs phone force says that traffic is backing up all the way towards bay point so watch south for some delays there. fortunately that's our only hotspot traffic wise. the rest of the commute looks great. benicia bridge southbound 680 cruising towards martinez. one more quick bridge check. the san mateo bridge, everything is flowing fines across the span. it's about a 13 minute drive time right now from hayward
5:36 am
towards the peninsula in these westbound lanes of 92. we'll have more traffic coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. hurricane earl is back to a category 4 hurricane right now as it heads towards the north carolina coast. the outer banks are not expected to take a direct hit but major problems are still expected. karen brown is live in kill devil hills, where thousands of tourist have cut their vacations short. karen, good morning. reporter: and good morning to you, sydnie and john. in fact, the tourists in our hotel not very happy at this moment because the county that we're in has extended the mandatory evacuation order to all of the tourists that are in this area. so they're all having to get out. some of them had already been evacuated yesterday from the hatteras area so not necessarily the best vacation for them. but in fact, it's truly an interesting day here because you can see how beautiful it is here behind me but now the national hurricane center says that earl will hit here at
5:37 am
about midnight tonight with winds of 100 miles per hour. reporter: kevin broom isn't sticking around for earl, even if it means cutting his labor day weekend short. >> better to be a little disappointed than get washed away. >> reporter: the monster hurricane could reach north carolina late tonight or early friday before rolling up the east coast. watches and warning stretch all the way to cape cod, massachusetts. while earl is expected to stay offshore as it makes its way north, a slight shift could put millions in harm's way. >> that's why it's important to take the time now while the skies are still clear and the weather is great to make sure you have a plan and you're ready just in case. >> reporter: many aren't wasting any time boarding up -- >> you never know what flying debris you're going to get. >> reporter: -- and moving out. wednesday, officials ordered thousands to evacuate north carolina's outer banks. not since hurricane bob in 1991 has the storm threatened so much of the eastern seaboard. here in north carolina where the rip current is already a
5:38 am
concern, the governor has declared a state of emergency. they have done the same for the coastal areas of virginia and maryland. but some tourists refuse to let earl ruin their fun in the sun. >> the 14th year here and i'm not ready to go back up to new york and get into my routine. >> reporter: for those who don't have a place to ride out the storm, red cross shelters are being set up. >> the shelter is never the best place to be living in. but we will make sure that they have a place to sleep, that they're dry, that they have food to eat. >> reporter: supplies they hope won't be needed this time around. taking a live look at the beach here, and again, it looks like just a nice day at the beach but it's really the calm before the storm. in fact, what could cause some more trouble tonight is that forecasters say that high tide should coincide pretty closely with earl's arrival and they are expecting a storm surge of two to five feet. so there is a very real danger of flooding in this area tonight. but i got to tell you, the locals as you can see are really just sort of hunkering
5:39 am
down and waiting until this afternoon, they tell me, until they know when really what earl will do when they have a better idea and then they are going to decide what they are going to do. reporting live in kill devil hills, north carolina, i'm karen brown. john and sydnie, back to you. >> so karen, the locals can stay whereas the tourists have been told to leave. have we got any numbers on the number of people evacuated and those who have decided to stay? >> reporter: well, at this point, john, what we do know is that from the cape hatteras area about 30,000 people have been evacuated. and that's tourists and residents alike. there's about 5,000 residents that live in the area. now, again, this county now is being evacuated of tourists, part of that to get them out first and then if the residents have to get out at the last minute the roads are going to be clear. this is just something that's happening right now. it in our hotel, women are trying to get out because they
5:40 am
have been told to. >> if you're not definitely, i would get out and get going. >> reporter: absolutely. >> karen brown. >> at kill devil hills in north carolina. in other news, investigators spent last night searching the discovery channel headquarters for explosives after yesterday hostage situation. police say james lee had at least one explosive strapped to his body when he burst into the maryland office. lee held three people at gunpoint for several hours. he was later shot and killed by police after pulling a gun on the officers. no one else was hurt. lee said he hated the network's shows because they promote population growth. labor groups say they are suspended their ads supporting jerry brown for governor. the california working families coalition said it's accomplished its goal of making sure brown did not fall behind in the polls this summer. the group spent more than $8 million to combat republican meg whitman's aggressive ad campaign. polls show that the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat. the two major candidates in
5:41 am
california's u.s. senate race went head to head in moraga last night. the event at st. mary's college began in pleasant fashion and democratic incumbent barbara boxer and republican candidate carly fiorina shook hands but it wasn't long before they got into it over various issues. boxer was quick to attack fiorina's record at hp as well as fiorina's departure from the company. >> the facts are there was a $21 million severance check and my understanding is it was taken after my opponent was fired. the stock went down more than 50%. so if she is calling for accountability with teachers, there ought to be accountability with ceos. >> when you leave a business, whether it's a 9-person or
5:42 am
150,000 peopleby, you sometimes have to make the agonizing choice to lose some jobs to save more. >> a st. mary's communication professor said both candidates showed their strength. >> carly fiorina looked senatorial. she had commanded a certain array of facts but i think quite frankly the sound bites will go to barbara boxer particularly the ones that created more jobs in china than you did in california. >> fiorina agreed to debate again but so far nothing is scheduled. 5:42. president obama says he is cautiously optimistic that middle east leaders can make important strides during today's peace talks in washington. the president had dinner last night with the leaders of jordan, egypt, israel and the palestinians. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas urged israel to free settlement construction in areas the palestinians want as part of their new state. israeli prime minister benjamin
5:43 am
netanyahu wants to make sure that any territory israel gives up will not be turned into an iranian-sponsored terror enclave. the talks set to begin about an hour and a half from now. today engineers plan to remove the temporary cap on that blown-out well in the gulf. once the cap is off, they will be able to raise the failed blowout preventer, which is considered a key piece of evidence in the investigation into the spill. the government does not expect oil to leak into the water again when the scan removed, but crews will be standing by just in case. >> it's 5:43. still to come, a traffic jam 75 miles long. >> also ahead the problems with the popular weight loss drug meridia that could have it taken off the market. we're following right now...
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visit today. now... our one problem spot is this accident in concord. westbound 4 approaching willow pass still waiting for tow trucks to arrive and traffic is it still backed up to about bay point. sounds like one of the left lanes is still blocked. chp on scene. now we are starting to see slow traffic from antioch from a street to love ridge road. speeds under 40 miles per hour in some areas. so give yourself some extra time for your highway 4 ride. down southbound 680, it looks good through walnut creek and all the way down through the san ramon valley. if your' continuing westbound 24, no delays approaching the caldecott tunnel throug orinda half hour or so of 1010 great from morgan hill. still seeing top speeds through downtown san jose and those
5:47 am
northbound lanes 6280. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. things can change at any time so tune to them once you hit the road. that is your traffic. for your forecast, sizzling, with lawrence. >> smoking around the bay area. those temperatures will be cranked up outside as high pressure and offshore winds kick in. out the door you will notice very mild to warm temperatures already. the upper 60s many spots inland even inside the bay. clear to the coast, 103 in the hottest spots inland. again a "spare the air" day. inside the bay mid-80s to mid- 90s and even at the coast, sunshine there all day and temperatures in the 70s maybe even some low 80s. you get the idea. high pressure cranking things up outside. here is a better look at your temperatures around the bay area. 98 los gatos, 96 mountain view,
5:48 am
93 union city, toward the beach 75 degrees just beautiful in half moon bay. east bay temperatures may be getting uncomfortable. hot in spots, but we haven't seen many days like this all summer long. 102 degrees in san ramon. 100 walnut creek. 86 in richmond. and about 91 degrees in oakland. north bay temperatures hot as those offshore winds will crank the numbers up to 97 in petaluma, 92 novato, and about 94 degrees in san anselmo. so as we overlook the next couple of days, we'll see some changes out toward the coastline as early as tomorrow. low clouds and fog going to move in overnight tonight. we'll see patchy fog bringing temperatures down still hot in spots inland over the weekend temperatures dropping back down toward normal through saturday and sunday. and looks like much below normal towards late tuesday and wednesday of next week. a trough of low pressure will bring an unusually cool about labor day weekend? cooler at the coast. temperatures there expected in
5:49 am
the 60s and, of course, you have the patchy fog and low clouds. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following right now. police investigating explosive materials found at a home where two women were killed. the case is connected with murders in hercules and richmond and a man missing from the hercules murder scene. oakland's police chief disputes the police officers union concerning recent staffing cuts. the union says crime is up since 80 officers were laid off in july but the chief says crime usually increases in the summer and violent crime is actually down. hurricane earl is expected to pelt coastal carolina with powerful winds and big waves tonight. that storm though not expected to make a direct hit on north carolina's outer banks. but with winds of about 145 miles an hour, it will have a big impact. president obama has already declared a state of emergency.
5:50 am
it's 5:49. a flawed diet pill, that's what some medical experts are now saying about the weight loss drug meridia. there is a new study that finds that it can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in people who have pre-existing heart disease. questions about meridia's safety led regulators in europe to pull it off the market in january and a food and drug administration advisory panel is going to review the drug later on this month. a bay area high school sponsored emergency blood drive in honor of fremont police officer critically injured in the line of duty. it all took place at santa clara high school yesterday officer todd young's alma mater. not only he did graduate there but two of his children attend the school. his wife and mother work for the school district. the principal let kids get time off from class to donate. >> it's because he was from the community and is helping a cause -- it's for a specific
5:51 am
cause. >> officer young has undergone three surgeries requiring more than 100 units of blood. he is listed in serious but stable condition at highland hospital. 5:50. coming up, new stuff, new services, but the biggest news apple announced, it's what you can do with tv shows. >> and you think our traffic in the bay area is bad sometimes? check this out. we'll tell you what's causing this miles long backup in china. we know everyone's looking for ways to save. [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off after $200 instant rebate. plus, get an additional $100 off beautyrest gold mattresses and $200 off beautyrest world class gold mattresses from simmons... featuring super pocketed coil springs to prevent motion disturbance and conform to your shape.
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c-e-o steve jobs unveiled a revamp of th ular apple is fine-tuning some of its best and worst selling products. steve jobs unveiling' revamp of the less than popular apple tv box at a media event in san
5:54 am
francisco. now, rather than buying digital movies or tv shows, like the tv box initially advertised, consumers can now rent them for as little as 99 cents. apple's ipod line also getting a makeover. there is a camera on the front for apple's face time program. >> and, of course, you can do face time not just with ipod touches but now between iphones and ipod touches. cool photos. >> apple introducing' new feature on itunes called ping a social network for sharing information about music and following artists. a colossal traffic jam on china's beijing tibet highway is now more than 75 miles long. [overlapping speakers] >> traffic has been backed up for three days. this jam started near beijing
5:55 am
tuesday. chinese media reports an accident and roadwork in a surrounding province caused this gridlock. traffic buildups like this are common on roads in china. last week or week before they had one that -- oh, my gosh, nine days i think. >> making the bay bridge toll plaza look good. >> yeah. definitely. a crash caught on camera in massachusetts. an suv barreling right through a local convenience store minutes after the owner had closed for the night. >> the driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. there was a small child in the car. neither the driver nor the child injured. the store is re-opened after $130,000 in repairs and replaced inventory. >> thank goodness no one was in that store. that car was going fast. >> looking for fast food, i guess. i could say that because nobody got hurt, right? [ laughter ] >> nobody got hurt. >> lawrence, you don't join us that often. >> even i wasn't going to go
5:56 am
there! [ laughter ] >> not bad actually. >> no china but -- >> not china but we have problems in concord. it's been our trouble spot all morning. westbound 4 the accident is still there and block the left lane and we are hoping that it clears soon. it's been there for almost an hour now. westbound 4 approaching willow pass. traffic is still backed up from bay point and check out the slow speeds through antioch. some speeds under 25 miles per hour as you pass a street. better news in san rafael. all lanes are open at las colinas avenue. there was a power pole down and wires in the road. they have one way traffic control for a while but that's picked up and 101 looks great. that's your traffic. for your forecast, hot forecast, here's lawrence. >> yeah. smoking around the bay area today. a lot of sunshine, high pressure offshore winds going to send temperatures up over triple digits in many spots inland even inside the bay we'll see 80s and 90s. out toward the coastline what a beautiful day out at the beach.
5:57 am
those temperatures up into the 70s and low 80s. things will change overnight tonight. patchy fog at the coast, temperatures begin to cool down around the bay area and i think that will be the trend as we head in toward the holiday weekend as those temperatures will continue to cool off through saturday and sunday. and it looks like into the holiday those temperatures coming down but still comfortable in most spots. if you want to get out this weekend to enjoy the festivities, how about millbrae. they have the art and wine festival there. mostly sunny skies, temperatures will be cooler probably in the 70s out at the festival but looking good all around the bay area just much cooler especially out toward the coastline. >> very good. coming up in the next half hour, if you take a.c. transit you probably won't like the new plan. >> the harsh proposal that would drastically affect your mobility. and the east bay murders that haven't been solved. and the radioactive material found on the same property as the bodies. we'll update you on the situation in vallejo coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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